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To help expedite your visit with Dr. Lee Daniel. Please download these forms, complete and bring with you for the initial appointment.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I have a scar?

Yes, anytime an incision is made on the skin there is always a scar. Dr. Daniel’s goal is to make the scar as minimally noticeable as possible.

When do my surgical drains come out?

It’s important to track your drainage output in 12 hour increments.We will wait for your outputs to be low enough that your body can resorb what little fluid you’re putting out.

Most drains come out around 6-7 days after surgery.

What type of Anesthesia will I have?

Most surgeries are done under general anesthesia which is always administered by a board certified M.D. Anesthesiologist.

Where will my surgery be performed?

Most surgeries are performed at the McKenzie Surgery Center. MSC is an ASC(Ambulatory Surgery Center). They provide surgical services for patients that do not require a hospital stay.

Do I need someone to stay with me after my surgery?

We require you to have a responsible adult staying with you for the first 24 hours after surgery. Should you prefer a professional caregiver, please contact the office for recommendations.

How long before I can drive after my surgery?

We like patients to wait until their drains come out. You need to not be taking any narcotic pain pills when driving. We advise all patients to use caution when driving soon after surgery.

When can I shower after surgery?

You can shower 48 hours after surgery OR if you have drain tubes, you can shower 48 hours after the last drain comes out. You can start exercising two weeks after most surgeries. Tummy Tucks are generally 6-8 weeks after surgery before exercising or heavy lifting. Depending on your surgery though, Dr. Daniel may release you sooner or later.

Can I tan after surgery?

Sun or ultraviolet light exposure to a healing incision can cause the incision to scar more noticeably. Keep sunscreen on all incisions for the first year.

When can I color my hair after facial surgeries?

If you have any incision in the scalp or hair bearing skin, you need to wait six weeks after surgery before using any chemicals on your hair. We also ask that you color your hair no sooner than two weeks prior to surgery.

Do I have to lose weight before cosmetic surgery?

Typically you do not have to lose weight in order to have plastic surgery, but Dr. Daniel does recommend that you be within 15-20 lbs of your realistic target weight.

When can I wear makeup?

You can cover incisions with makeup two days after the sutures are removed. For lower eyelids its recommended that you don’t use eyeliner or mascara until the dissolvable sutures are all gone, and make sure that it is new, unopened, mascara or liner.

Will I be able to breast feed after breast augmentation?

Standard breast augmentation (without a breast lift) should not affect your ability to breast feed.

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