3 Benefits of Planning Plastic Surgery after the Holidays

Given the recovery time required after certain plastic surgery procedures, a lot of time and effort can go into planning the optimal time to schedule one. Some time off work will generally be required, depending on the procedure chosen, so it can be helpful to plan plastic surgery for the holidays.

1. Minimal Inconvenience

One reason why the holidays can be the best time for plastic surgery is the low level of inconvenience caused when you already have time off planned. If you’d rather keep your plastic surgery to yourself, it can also help to avoid questions when booking time off from work. The length of time you can expect to be away from work can be discussed with your plastic surgeon during consultation.

2. Winter is a Great Time for Recovery

Winter is a very popular time for plastic surgery, for a few good reasons. For one, the cold weather and loose, comfy clothing makes it easier to accommodate any compression garments that may be required. Winter clothes are also better for hiding bruising and swelling during recovery, not to mention that cooler temperatures reduce discomfort caused by sweating. An added bonus of scheduling plastic surgery during this time? Your procedure may help combat holiday weight gain.

    Beneath the layers of bulky winter clothes, your body can heal from plastic surgery without anyone noticing.

3. More Opportunity to Rest

Regardless of which plastic surgery procedure you opt for, you will need to rest to enable your body to heal and recover. Without the stress caused by pressure to return to work quickly, the post-holiday period can be the best time for recovery. Never underestimate the healing powers of some proper downtime.

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3 Benefits of Planning Plastic Surgery after the Holidays
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3 Benefits of Planning Plastic Surgery after the Holidays
Trying to pick the best time for plastic surgery? Dr. Lee B. Daniel of Eugene, Oregon believes planning for after the holidays can be a wise decision.
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