3 Breast Reduction Facts Every Woman Should Know

You might be considering a breast reduction for any number of reasons, such as to improve back pain or make exercise more comfortable. But before you decide if this procedure might be right for you, here are a few need-to-know facts about breast reduction.

1. There are No Size Limitations

Contrary to popular belief, just about anyone can get a breast reduction, even if you don’t have what you would consider “overly large” breasts. For some women, the size of their breasts interferes with sports and other physical activities, or causes back, neck or shoulder pain. If you struggle with any of these problems, breast reduction might be the most effective solution, no matter your size.

2. You’ll Get a Lift, Too

Practically all breast reductions come with a breast lift. Once excess breast tissue is removed, your plastic surgeon will remove any resulting excess skin and tighten remaining skin to create a firm and youthful look and feel.

A breast lift on its own may make your breasts appear slightly smaller, but won’t remove excess breast tissue.

3. Expect to Go Home the Same Day

In most cases, breast reduction surgeries are performed as outpatient procedures, meaning you can expect to go home that same day. It’s still a good idea to arrange for some extra help for the first few days after though.

Directly after your breast reduction, some swelling and tenderness are common. You should begin to see your results develop over the next several months, as swelling diminishes and your body heals.


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3 Breast Reduction Facts Every Woman Should Know
Article Name
3 Breast Reduction Facts Every Woman Should Know
What do you need to know about breast reduction? Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Lee B. Daniel of Eugene, Oregon shares three must-know facts.
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