3 Med Spa Treatments to Look Younger by the Time Lunch Is Over

Cosmetic procedures don’t have to take up your whole day, or even your whole afternoon. If you’re looking for a simple anti-aging treatment that can fit inside your lunch break, you might want to consider these three popular choices.


BOTOX® Cosmetic is a type of neuromodulator used to temporarily relax the appearance of dynamic wrinkles that can show up on your forehead, brow line and near your eyes.* BOTOX typically takes less than 20 minutes to complete, which is why it is often referred to as a “lunchtime procedure.”*

In addition, there is no downtime required after getting BOTOX, so most people are able to return to their normal daily activities immediately following their appointment.*

2. Injectables

The most popular injectable dermal fillers, including JUVÉDERM® and Restylane®, contain a substance called hyaluronic acid that is already naturally present throughout the body and skin. Dermal fillers are FDA-approved to temporarily smooth away the appearance of lines and wrinkles, as well as help to address signs of lost facial volume.*

Like BOTOX, dermal fillers generally require a quick and simple in-office visit that can be convenient to squeeze into your lunch break or in between errands.

In many cases, BOTOX and injectable dermal fillers can be paired together and fit into the same appointment.

3. Chemical Peels

If the tone or texture of your complexion is bothering you, your plastic surgeon or medical spa technician may recommend a chemical peel. There are a variety of different chemical peel options, and the most appropriate anti-aging med spa treatment for you will depend on your individual skin type and cosmetic concerns.


*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.


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3 Med Spa Treatments to Look Younger by the Time Lunch Is Over
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3 Med Spa Treatments to Look Younger by the Time Lunch Is Over
Curious about anti-aging treatments? Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Lee B. Daniel of Eugene suggests three easy procedures to fit into your lunch break.
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