How EMSCULPT® Could Lift Your Butt Without Surgery

Closeup of a woman wearing pink workout shorts while planking on a stability ball.Do you want a more attractive bottom but aren’t interested in plastic surgery? Believe it or not, it is possible. Among the most notable Brazilian butt lift non-surgical alternatives is EMSCULPT®.


Whenever cosmetic procedures for the buttocks are discussed, there inevitably is someone who pipes up and asks: Why pay for a procedure when you could just do squats? The answer to that is squats alone do not achieve the same results in most people.

EMSCULPT uses electromagnetic energy to induce 20,000 supramaximal muscle contractions in just 30 minutes. No matter how dedicated you are to working out, 20,000 squats in a day, much less in 30 minutes, isn’t feasible.

EMSCULPT shapes and builds the glutes, allowing it to deliver a rounded, perky bottom.

What to Expect from EMSCULPT

EMSCULPT does not require anesthetic and is considered to be a pain-free Brazilian butt lift non-surgical alternative. During the 30-minute treatment, clients can relax, use their phone and just enjoy the experience.

For some, getting used to seeing and feeling their muscles moving on their own can take a little work, but clinics that offer this treatment know how to help people feel relaxed. Post-treatment, the muscles may feel sore, like they do after an intense workout, but this does not require a recovery period.

How Long EMSCULPT Lasts

Results become visible in about two weeks. However, they are not permanent. The improved muscle tone and shape can last for as long as you continue to stay active and follow a healthy lifestyle. Many individuals find that doing so can keep up the results for a long time after treatment, but individuals may need to return for additional sessions to maintain the look they want.

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How EMSCULPT® Could Lift Your Butt Without Surgery
Article Name
How EMSCULPT® Could Lift Your Butt Without Surgery
Dr. Lee B. Daniel of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Eugene, Oregon explains how EMSCULPT can transform the look of your bottom without surgery.
Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

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